At Future Tech 2021 you will encounter .NET technologies in the form of the hottest topics of the moment:

Gartner predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed by computers. Customers now have all the information they need within reach and can easily compare price, quality and service, so how can brands stand out from their competitors and reach their potential customers? From using chatbots to using AI to predicting behaviour and buying patterns, to recommendations and personalisation. It can be said that AI will enable the fourth industrial revolution. But it all starts and ends with the developers using this technology. Join Future Tech and get ahead of the curve.

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Everyone and their mother is moving to the cloud. Most of the pros of moving on are well-known. But how do you actually do it and what are the most important things to keep in mind while transferring? Even if your company already moved to the cloud, working in the cloud produces enough hurdles to overcome. Come to the cloud sessions at Future Tech 2021, for the juniors and experts alike to fly into the clouds.

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Companies are pushing more and more to have their software rolled out as fast as possible. That’s where DevOps comes in. It doesn’t just improve the speed of building, testing and releasing software, but it also improves the reliability. But what sort of effort goes into DevOps and what are the necessary skills to be a good DevOps specialist?
Jump into everything Devops, from the basics to advanced methodology, at Future Tech 2021

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The most obvious task of a developer involves coding. But in reality, it takes much more to be a capable developer.

In normal workdays only part of the job is writing actual codes. Besides that, you have to work with colleagues from other departments, work in an agile way, manage your time and deadlines, present what you achieved and much more. Future Teams is the topic to help you with your actual day-to-day work life. By optimizing your side-activities you will have more time to do the thing you love: Coding.

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Virtual reality is a broad term for a multi-sensory computer-generated experience that allows users to both experience and interact with a simulated environment. Unlike virtual reality, which seeks to immerse the user in a completely virtual environment, augmented reality enhances the real world using digitally produced perceptual overlays. You might think VR & AR are only used for movies and funny gadgets, but this is far from true. A lot of money is already invested in VR & AR for a wide range of purposes such as educational, medical, training, decoration, architecture and shopping. And the list goes on and on.

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The pace and scale of today’s digital business is immense. The whole world turns around online information exchange. But with that much information the security risk also gets bigger and cybercrime is always evolving. Build resilience through leading-edge research and thinking with our great speakers. Get the latest know-how to arm yourself against the day1 cyber attacks.

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